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Paul Mac is a legend of Australian Dance music. He was there for the birth of the sound in the 80's, he was there for the first, huge raves at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion, he has been an underground legend and mainstream superstar, winning Arias, making number 1 hits and sustaining a 30 year career in electronic music. Now is the perfect time to look back and reflect on the origins of dance music and remember the love and idealism it stood for. And there is no better person to tell that story than Paul Mac.

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Wes Carr is known to most as the winner of Australian Idol back in 2008, but there is so much more to the music and mind of this wonderful man. His musical history starts with his first paid gig at the age of 8 and he’s lead a true musician's life ever since: full of ecstatic peaks and lonely troughs. His music ranges between rock, folk, roots, Americana, blues and he’s passionate about the art of song writing. He’s toured and performed with Tom across Australia and this interview was a rare moment for the two friends to learn a bit more about each other.

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Osher Günsberg is an awesome guy to talk music with. He’s best known through his TV work as host of the Bachelor, Australian Idol and many more, but he has a long musical history and is super passionate about a lot of obscure and wonderful musicians. Tom and Osher chat about his musical life, how he almost became a rock star, the joys of John Cage, Van Halen, Prince, Jethro Tull and many many more.

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Tom Thum is pretty much the best in the world at making music with his mouth. He’s a champion beatboxer, has the highest viewed Ted X talk of all time with 66 million views, and has survived heart attacks, graffiti escapades and more to become an independent artist creating his own future. The two Tom’s got together to catch up over a few organic drinks in July 2018, in Sydney Australia. 

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Client Liaison are intriguing: Their music is nostalgic but also totally fresh and amazing, they reference everything from Diner's Club commercials to kookaburras and they bring two giant water coolers to every show. But at the heart of it all are their awesome songs. Tom sits down with Monty and Harvey to find out what music inspires them and how they wrote their most iconic tunes. 

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Touch Sensitive (Michael Di Francesco) is one of Tom's favourite musicians: he's a bass maestro who makes gorgeous tunes and has an extraordinary musical knowledge. In this episode we learn a bit more about how Touch learnt his craft, what is Italo-disco, and how everyone has their own definition of funk. 

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Illy is an Aussie Hiphop artist with a unique sound who has always been determined to do his own thing. He now has his own record label, plays massive venues around the country and was in the hottest 100 for 8 consecutive years. Tom and Illy have a great chat about how he made it all happen, his influences and some truely awful gigs.

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Dena Amy is an awesome house DJ and producer from Australia. She's also Dena Kaplan, an amazing actor, dancer and singer with fans all over the world, many from her iconic role as Abigail in the cult TV show 'Dance Academy.' She's also an absolutely delightful person to chat to, with a story that has taken her from South Africa, to Sydney, New York and beyond, always working incredibly hard to follow her dreams. In this episode Tom and Dena chat about her amazing life and delve into her current passion: house music.

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It seems like everyone wants to be a producer these days, so how do you stand out? For Young Franco it all began by discovering 90’s hiphop in his early teens and trying to recreate those legendary beats made 20 years ago. Franco aka. Joey has created some gorgeous dance music, toured globally and created a career for himself all by the age of 23. He tells Tom how he did it and shares some awesome music...

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Paces aka. Mikey Perry from the Gold-Coast is one of Tom's favourite producers and people. He’s known for his super distinctive production style, which is somehow tropical, sparse, beautiful, intense and really funky. He's also a lovely guy who has worked very hard for a long time to achieve his success. We love this episode and hope you do too <3

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How long does it take to make a hit song? If you're Hayden James, it's an hour to come up with the idea, then 4 months of tweaking and perfectionism. That's how long it took to make 'Something About You,' the incredibly fresh, break-through song from the Nicest Guy in Dance Music. Tom and Hayden sat down in December 2017 in Brooklyn, New York to chat about music, touring and life on the road.

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It's PRESETS week on the podcast!!!! I was super stoked to sit down with Julian from the Presets and find out a bit more about my favourite songs. We go through their entire career and catalogue, breaking down how they made songs like: 'Are You the One?' 'Girl and the Sea,' 'My People,' 'This Boys in Love,' 'Ghosts,' 'Do What You Want' and heaps more. Jules is a lovely, talented and funny guy, and this is the best interview with him ever.

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It took Hermitude 15 years to be an overnight success. Tom sat down with one of his DJ idols, El Gusto (Angus Stuart) from Hermitude to talk about how they began, his long musical background and how it felt to finally breakthrough in Australia and the world. 

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In the past 14 years Angus and Connie from Sneaky Sound System have created massive hits, toured the world, fallen in love and got married! All without major labels or management. They have an awesome story. Check it out.....

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Hot Dub talks to Triple J's Tom Tilley and learns about his journey from a christian upbringing in rural Australia, to a bass-playing, djing, radio journalist. 

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From Pizza Guy to the pinnacle of the music industry, Hugo from Flight Facilities tells Tom how he and Jimmy created one of the biggest Electronic Music acts Australia has ever seen. They then travel through time together in a 'Flight Facilities Decade Mix' vs. 'Hot Dub Time Machine' mash-up. 

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From Canberra to Coachella: Peking Dub’s Reuben Styles takes Tom back to where it all began - playing clarinet in his high school concert band! From there, we learn about the first time he met Adam, their production Yoda, how they created their biggest songs, the birth of Peking Duk, and how they made it to the very top of Aussie music.

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